Under Ancient Stone

from Into The Dark by Ancient Ascendant



Buried with the ancient masters, lost underfoot to marches of time
Keys to power-untapped, hidden beneath dirt, held under stone

In seeking pass the weight of ages
In knowing bear it

Into dark, descending stone
Thrall to forbidden questions
Unbroken will to sate a lust, a lust for power
Into dark, the wound was born
Cold fount of ancient horror
A deadly turn to sate a lust, a lust for power

Raid forgotten vaults of time
The force that drives me will never be denied
Laid bare by any means
The core brought forth before my eyes

To see, and knowing be born

Raid once sacred halls
My wretched thirst will not be denied
Conquer by all means
The knowledge, knowledge to arm my mind

Hidden path

Buried works of ancient lore
Entombed within the dying world’s flesh
Figure in a fallen world, stretching his will with reckless abandon


from Into The Dark, released July 8, 2012


all rights reserved



Ancient Ascendant UK

Black groovy death metal from the UK

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