The Archpyromancer

from The Heathen Throne by Ancient Ascendant



Dressed in a dark robe, a tall man with obsidian skin.
His eyes the colour of flame, a wanderer with a legendary name.
A town was under siege, beset by terrible creatures of fire,
they begged for the mancer's aid, offering a king's ransom reward.
With a nod the great man strode to the demons fell abode,
stood at the portal, held wide his hands.
He gave a wordless scream calling the beasts to battle.

He cried:
Try me I'll never burn, you'll try but I'll never burn.
You may try, immune I'll never burn you'll try but I'll never burn!

The demons laughed at his claims, engulfed him in flame.
But fire could not touch this man.
Binding chains cast from his robes,
the demons were all enslaved.

At his return to the town he had saved from this plague,
he received a stab in the back and died with a look of rage.
But as he hit the ground, he uttered a summoning sound,
calling forth a great creature of flame.
The demon screamed revenge, on this traitorous town of men.

The Demon cried:
My master will never burn, you'll try but he'll never burn.
You may try, immune he'll never burn, you'll try but he'll never burn!


from The Heathen Throne, released December 1, 2008


all rights reserved



Ancient Ascendant UK

Black groovy death metal from the UK

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